Fast for Facebook

Fast for Facebook 3.3

A quicker way to use Facebook

Unlike other Facebook clients, Fast is designed for speed. View full description


  • Access Facebook quickly
  • Small download size
  • Good for old devices


  • Requires lots of permissions


Unlike other Facebook clients, Fast is designed for speed.

A simplifed Facebook

Fast contains all the same options that the official Facebook app offers and can also be used as a social reader. You can always access the News Feed to catch up on updates. YouTube videos play directly within the app so you aren't pushed to the official app.

If you're afraid of people peeking at your account, you can add a PIN lock to the app. Fast is designed to work like Facebook, but focused on speed and being a very small 3MB download.

Made for old phones

It's obvious that Fast was made for people with less powerful phones. The official Facebook app can is very slow for older phones. Since Fast supports Android 2.3 Gingerbread, this app is perfect for parents who haven't bought a new phone in years.

Anyone running Android 4.3 and higher shouldn't need to use Fast as your phone should be fast enough to run the regular Facebook app.

Aged devices only

With newer devices, there's no reason to use Fast. It's a bit of a security risk because you're using a third party to sign into your account. But if you're a casual Facebook user with an old device, then this might be the way to use Facebook on the go besides the mobile web.


  • Fixed bugs and crashes found by the community

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Fast for Facebook


Fast for Facebook 3.3